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An audio workbook that teaches you three listening skills secrets through movie quotes so you can understand native speakers better. 


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Ever felt frustrated watching movies in English with subtitles or talking to native speakers and not catching what they say? 


In this workbook, “Understand Native Speakers With Movie Quotes”, instead of passively watching movies, you’ll use films to improve your English listening skills. And you’ll have me to help you through it. What could be more fun than that? 


You’ll be able to use the workbook on any device, wherever and whenever is convenient for you. You'll have 3 quotes to listen to and write out that will help you better understand common conversational expressions in English. Plus you'll also find 12 bonus dictations to help you train your ears to better catch fast-talking native speakers. 


Most importantly, you won't be watching alone. In the workbook, I’ll take the time to explain what was difficult in each quote. That way, you actually improve your listening skills, so you're ready to interact with fast-talking native speakers in real life! 


This workbook is perfect for you if: 


✅ You struggle to understand fast-talking native speakers and movies and TV series 


✅ You love watching movies and TV series in English, but it’s hard without the subtitles 


✅ You want suggestions for new movies to watch 


✅ You’re self-motivated enough to organise your time and go through a workbook without a teacher by your side 


✅ You’ve never worked with me before (never taken a course, never enrolled in Movie Club or done a Movie Night etc)


✅ You don’t have much time (you’ll be able to finish the exercises in the workbook in a weekend) 


✅ You have at least an upper-intermediate level in English (B2 on the CEFR) 


Thanks to the workbook, you’ll get some suggestions for movies to watch, plus extra information about these films. You’ll be able to watch each scene the quotes come from. And you’ll get extra ideas for listening practice and improvement to try out. 


You’ll also get two bonus video lessons that will help you understand two Hollywood stars more easily: Emma Watson and Tom Hiddleston. Perfect if you find fast-talking British speakers hard to understand.